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Art is not a choice.

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Christina Atkins

I do not consider myself an artist due to high school art treachery. I mean teaching. Rather I acknowledge that I am a creative compulsive who needs a project at all times in order to remain sane. 

I feel things very strongly, and I seek out and dissect emotion in the world around me as a matter of instinct, as a way to deal with the emotional undertow and physical sensitivity I live every day. I find infinite inspiration in the company of my family and friends and documenting my interactions with them make up a large chunk of my work. 

My past areas of output have included photography (film and digital), illustration (pencil, charcoal, pastel and digital), collage, writing (blogging, poetry and short stories), and mixed media painting. 

My current project, available on Amazon, is a DIY memoir workbook titled "I Lived This" that was co-authored with Jessica Reeder and features my illustrations throughout. 

After I finish tiling all the bathrooms in my house and painting my kitchen I am finishing up my novel, a fantasy/sci-fi fairy tale called "Into the Forest, Into the Sea." 






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